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Where to tailgating for Charlotte FC matches


Charlotte FC fan manager Shawn McIntosh. Photo: Ashley Mahoney/Axios

Charlotte FC’s inaugural season is upon us.

The big picture: Tickets are hot. The hall will be full for Charlotte FC’s home opener, with over 70,000 tickets sold. Charlotte kicks off at 7:30 p.m. against LA Galaxy.

Yes, but: What about tailgating? We have you. The tailgates in the list below start on March 6 and will repeat throughout the first season.

Join the Charlotte FC supporter groups at 703 McNinch St.

Details: Tailgating begins at 2 p.m. and fans will march at 6 p.m. to Bank of America Stadium, past the Clutch and Carolina Panthers practice grounds, along the Greenway Connector, and around Bank of America Stadium. up the door is newly renovated. Keep in mind:

  • The tailgate is free and open to everyone.
  • The Taco Guy will provide authentic street tacos, which are free for members, or you can purchase a meal ticket for $10.
  • BYOB and no hard liquor.

Gōl Raised Tailgate Experience will party at 704 Morris St.

Details: Tailgating takes place from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is $6 and includes a beer, seltzer, or house cocktail.

2022 Carolina Goal Zone Tailgate will host an all-inclusive tailgate at 1022 S. Tryon St.

Details: Tickets start at $24.99 and include entertainment, tailgate games, a buffet with a city barbecue station, and soft drinks.

  • A VIP ticket gets you all that, plus a guaranteed table and VIP bar line, beer, wine and spirits for $74.99.
  • Tailgating begins three hours before the game.

Match day gear

Tailgating isn’t complete without bags and cornhole boards. They might as well be festive with the Charlotte crest.

If you are looking to support locally:

If you’re intrigued by Supporter Groups (SG), here’s what you need to know:

The Charlotte FC SG Council has five member organisations:

To become a member of the SG Council, you must meet certain criteria, such as having at least 22 engaged members with subscriptions in the Bank of America Stadium supporters section and committing to a community service initiative on a quarterly basis.

  • A key function of the SG board is to vote on how they spend money to purchase flags, TIFO supplies, which come from $50 of each subscription in the SG section of Bank of America Stadium.
  • What is a TIFO? You’ll know when you see it Saturday night, but think of a massive banner in the SG section.
  • Additionally, anyone can create an SG, and there are more than the five groups listed above.

What they say : “We have a group of really passionate fans who care about this experience and who are working tirelessly with the club to ensure that on March 5, when we open these doors to a sold-out crowd, everyone will feel that energy. , “Charlotte FC fan manager Shawn McIntosh told Axios. “Whether it’s what’s happening on the pitch or in the stands, we want people to leave this game knowing it was really special.”

Charlotte FC fan manager Shawn McIntosh. Photo: Ashley Mahoney/Axios

Photo: Ashley Mahoney/Axios

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