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White Plains Begins Global Plan Update Process



The City of White Plains has started the process of updating its comprehensive plan.

The current plan was prepared in 1997 and updated in 2006, with subsequent changes in 2012. The new plan will respond to current economic and demographic trends, while reflecting the changing priorities of the community of White Plains.

“The theme of the overall plan, One White Plains, aims to convey the vision that the plan can and should serve as a way to bring us closer together as a single community,” said Mayor Tom Roach. “With One White Plains, we look to the future together and think holistically on how to ensure the continued vitality of our city.”

The comprehensive plan, as well as other planning and land use documents that are regularly updated by the city, including the five-year consolidated plan and annual action plan, analysis of barriers to fair housing , White Plains Transit District Strategic Plan, Open Space Inventory Planning, and Comprehensive Affordable Housing Bylaws, provide city decision makers with a framework to guide informed planning and development decisions. development.

The town planning department will work with its consultant, BFJ Planning, on this effort. BFJ has provided professional expertise in planning and related fields since 1980. The firm has extensive experience in community engagement and consensus building in the New York metro area and the Hudson Valley.

“As we update our overall plan, we are well aware that White Plains is a very diverse city and it is important to involve the myriad of community actors in the process, including neighborhood residents, workers, non-profit organizations, educational and religious institutions, healthcare facilities and the corporate sector, ”said Board Chair Nadine Hunt-Robinson.

One White Plains will explore a wide range of topics with the aim of strengthening the bonds that exist within the community, including: housing, future development, economic opportunities, transportation infrastructure, public health, parks and natural resources, equity and inclusiveness, sustainability and climate change.

The process of creating the framework and developing policy recommendations for One White Plains will be guided by a steering committee with the assistance of city staff and its consultants. The process will also include significant community engagement to create a long-term, sustainable vision for the future of White Plains.

“As White Plains grows, I am delighted that we are launching a comprehensive update to our overall plan,” said Justin Brasch, Board Member. “We need a vision to guide us in the 21st century. This process should be as inclusive as possible, all voices should be heard. With proper planning, we can make White Plains the liveable, safe, diverse and economically strong city we all love.

The city has created a dedicated global plan webpage, www.onewhiteplains.com, which will be regularly updated throughout the planning process. The city has also created a launch vision survey question that we invite residents to respond to, along with a generic email address: [email protected] for general community feedback. The vision survey question and general feedback portal can be accessed through the Global Plan web page. Participation is quick and easy.

“I hope everyone in the community of White Plains will take note of the city’s determination to update our comprehensive plan,” said Council Member Vicki Presser. “The plan will serve as a model for the future of White Plains and the well-being of its residents, taking into account the many components of a healthy and prosperous municipality. But to be successful, we must all be involved in the planning process, through the range of public awareness and community input opportunities that will be available. Please watch your chance to be heard.