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“Who killed Malcolm X? Producer Discusses Impact of Labor After Two Men Cleared Malcolm X Murder – NBC4 Washington


Fifty-six years after Malcolm X’s assassination, two of the three men convicted of the 1965 murder of the civil rights leader in New York City in 1965 are expected to have their sentences overturned on Thursday.

Historian and DC resident Abdur-Rahman Muhammad produced a Netflix documentary series in 2020 titled “Who Killed Malcolm X?” In an interview with News4, he discusses the work that raised so many questions about the case that the Manhattan district attorney reviewed two of the men’s convictions.

“Well, Shomari, we always knew they were innocent,” Muhammad told News4’s Shomari Stone. “The conviction, I should say 55 years ago, has always been questioned by historians. “

The three men who served their sentences for the assassination of Malcolm X were Mujahid Halim, Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam. Halim, who was paroled in 2010, was the only one to have admitted having participated in the murder. He argued that Aziz and Islam were not involved.

Islam was paroled in 1987 and died in 2009; Aziz, paroled in 1985, is still alive and has continued to fight for his exoneration.

The docuseries producer said several men fired the shots that killed Malcolm X. When Halim identified four other people he said were involved in the assassination, “a judge ruled he put too long to involve these men, ”Muhammad said.

Historian Abdur-Rahman Muhammad discusses his role in the Netflix documentary series Malcolm X which prompted the Manhattan DA’s office to reopen the investigation into Malcolm X’s assassination.

But these developments raise the question – if not Aziz and Islam, who killed Malcolm X?

“Well, Shomari, to find out you’re going to have to watch my docuseries on Netflix, ‘Who Killed Malcolm X? “And then you will see who is responsible for the murder of Malcolm X, in my opinion,” Muhammad said. “Obviously I’m very happy, but I’m also grateful to be able to see that day come. “

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