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Why the community thinks the village of Gedling is one of the top 10 property hotspots in the UK


Gedling has been named one of the best property hotspots in the UK and people say it’s because the village ‘ticks a lot of boxes’.

According to Rightmove, house prices in Gedling have been rising with an annual growth of 21%, giving an average house price of £256,897 in February 2022.

Gedling was fifth in the top ten asking price hotspots, with Brixham in Devon being the top hotspot with a 25% growth price.

Residents of Gedling say they are “surprised” by this, but believe it is because the area “ticks a lot of boxes” and has a “community vibe”.

Anita Strong, 53, owner of Knitworking on Main Road, Gedling, told Nottinghamshire Live her location was also a big bonus.

She said: “I think that’s the aspect of being so close to the countryside.

“The drive to it is a beautiful view of the village church.

“Before, you had a lot more stores – that has changed a lot.

“I’m surprised – it’s the proximity to the countryside.

“It’s good – it’s quite close to town and there’s a good bus route.

“He ticks a lot of boxes.”

Dawn Wells, 65, a sales assistant at Whiten News, says the area has a community atmosphere.

‘Amores is beautiful, and local pubs Gedling Inn and Willowbrook,’ she said.

“I think because once people move here they stay here for a long time and you get to know people.

“People are comfortable here.

“I think they come into the community – there’s a sense of community.

“I like it – I really like it here.”

Colin, 55, is the owner of Sunsations Tanning and says he has lived in Gedling all his life and says ‘you have everything you need’ in Gedling.

He said: ‘It was quite a closed community – I always found it quite nice.

“As to why he’s in the top five, I don’t really know.

“There is a low crime rate – it’s friendly.

“Everyone always has time for you.

“You have everything you need.

“Good variation of stores – two convenience stores. Good restaurants – Indian restaurant Amores and Paprika.

“There’s more than enough takeaway food and the cafes are nice – you have everything you need.

“There are a lot of constructions here, three developments.

“More and more people are coming to the area – it is getting bigger and bigger.

“I’m quite surprised by that – it’s nice here.”

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